Join me on a journey…

I believe in stories.

Stories open up our imagination… 

Imagination fuels dreams.

As we dream, we change the world.

Life happens faster than you realize. You will look back and find yourself halfway down the road, before you know it.

Jeff Kennon is an author, pilot, freelance photographer, and a locally published storyteller; captivating both children and adults with his humor and insight. He is a former youth minister, a HAM radio operator, and an avid motorcyclist. He earned his pilot’s license in college, and has retained his lifelong fascination for anything with an engine. Flying for him, is a metaphor for life, and he and his fiancée Elizabeth, take to the skies as often as possible. Jeff lives in Raleigh, NC with his 13 year old son, where together, they continue the journey of magic and imagination.

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